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‘Humba’ is the original name of the East Indonesian island ‘Sumba’.  This  Collection was born amongst the island beach.
Introducing a minimal range of 100% Organic cotton crochet made by hand and love from the Island of Bali. 
Exploring the island and the local Artisans of Sumba we were influenced by the traditional weaving of naturally dyed Ikat Fabric. The colours, and styles inspired this collection. The campaign was shot on the West Coast of the island, where we found an abundance of raw untouched beaches, endless palm trees and rich culture. Let the raw analogue photography,  Let the island life and colour tones of this collection transport you for a moment, to life in Sumba.
With having Sumba so close to our hearts we have partnered with the Sumba Foundation to donate 10% off proceeds of purchases from the Sumba collection directly to help provide, education, health care, water and nutrition.
This Collection we have introduced a minimal range of 100% Organic cotton. saving up to 80% water during production.
*Please be aware of our small sizing due to the make of crochet, we recommend you go the bigger size if hesitation*