As a sustainable fashion label, we strongly believe in ethical practices and giving back to the community. We empower home-based female artisans by working exclusively with the local women in our village in Bali.
Our small artisan team craft Akoiaswim by hand, using traditional crocheting methods that have been passed down by generations of Balinese women, our women practice meditation and therapy through every created piece. This ensures every piece offers unrivalled quality, comfort, and natural beauty. All our clothing and bikinis are limited editions and feature authentic designs. Each one is a true work of art that can take up to ten days to complete.
With every original collection we make, we’re taking a conscious journey to create true value for everyone involved, from the artisans to the wearer.

Thank you for being apart of this journey.

2015 We started our crochet buisness selling 5 bikinis a week to our friends in school, the idea was to learn to crochet from the elder women in our life and share this skill. Organically growing over the past 8 years, we have now a powerful team of woman making every pieces at home, with there children nestled in the mountains of Bali. Now our focus together, is continuing plastic-free packaging, experimenting with natural dyes for every collection, organic cotton sourced and all local materials and hands. Each piece has been crafted consciously with natural quality, so you can feel confident that every piece is crafted and delivered using conscious, earth-friendly practices.

Today, our work is still not done. We are constantly developing new ways to make Akoiaswim more sustainable. Our dream since the beginning has been to make a difference by inspiring the conscious consumer movement and providing an ethical and eco-friendly framework that can guide other fashion labels on their path toward sustainability.
As part of our commitment to eco swimwear and apparel:• We use, sustainable, locally sourced 100% cotton materials.

• Locally made
• Our tags are made from recycled paper and natural strings from the earth.
• We never use plastic stickers.
• We try to create as little waste as possible, and we upcycle any leftover cotton.

• Natural dyes when we can.

Made By the hands of women.


Journey into our untold storied through 35mm and beautiful women around the world.

Bali is our home, crochet is our heart.