The Sustainable fashion movement.
What do we mean by Sustainability?
We ensure that our material sourcing, packaging and production practices does not damage the ecosystem.
Our plan this year has been focused on switching Akoia towards a fully sustainable brand. We want to cut all chemical dies, and we are on a mission to find the most sustainable source of organic sources cotton. Our new concept is focused on less waste with a more minimal mindset on fashion and consumerism. We do not believe in fast-fashion and mass-producing therefor we have made sure that Akoia is top quality to be an essential part of our customers wardrobe that is able to be worn over many years. 
Each piece from the making to the sending is 100% plastic free. We even are trying to up cycle our excess material to make a by product. 
Why natural dyes?
Using natural dyes is an important step in the production as they have a minimal environmental impact as they come from nature, are biodegradable and disposing of them does not cause any pollution whatsoever.
Conventional dyes have harmful chemicals. Not only do these chemicals pose health hazards to the people who work with them, but many of the chemicals also end up in freshwater systems. 
We are still doing so many samples to finalise the natural dye products so we are hoping to release the natural dye products by next collection. 
Why organic sourced fabric?
A natural, renewable, biodegradable and durable fibre. No pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers are used in the growing. By building soil fertility,organic farmers help lock CO2 into the soil, helping mitigate climate change. As well as organic does not exposing farmers to harsh pesticides.
We are using a organic source cotton from Indonesia.
How plastic free?
We are so caught up in the idea that plastic is an necessity part of life. and we are so proud to argue its very not true. Converting plastic free has been the easiest transition for us and it has been so rewarding, and its such small effort but huge impact. 
we started with giving our production team bags they can reuse instead of single plastic for each item. We then started using recycled news paper as our wrapped packaging and we managed to find a printing company that uses recycled paper and vegetable die for our labels and swing tags. 
Still working towards ..
With our ever evolving movement towards  sustainability we would really appreciate some tips or information you have on any resources to making us more green. 
Here is the Mission
As the sustainable journey can get challenging and expensive, we have not given up just yet and we know that this is a never ending journey. We are always working towards being even better for our people and planet.
We have made so many new connections and gained so much awareness through just transitioning onto this conscious fashion journey. We encourage all Brands and labels also push them selves as much as they can, because as we are just a very small brand we have managed to make it and do our best. 
Our mission is to use Akoiaswim as a platform to bring change, awareness and education to the issues within the fashion industry. 
We are aiming to spread and share as much information as we have, if anyone is  interested in contacts or help for the conscious fashion transition please email us - and we would be more then happy to share. Like wise, if anyone has information or feed back please contact us.