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Lying between Bali’s highest and most sacred and holy mountain; Gunung Agung, and the calm blue waters of the Lombok strait is the Balinese village of Jasri. 

Founded centuries ago, by the ancient kings of Karangasem, Jasri is surrounded by endless coconut palms, white virgin beaches, holy temples, and perfect surf. It’s in this mystical place Jasri, that we found inspiration for our latest Akoiaswim collection. 

The Jasri collection is infused with new and evolving detailing techniques used in our crochet designs. Colours are inspired by magical rainy season sunsets and serene tropical seas. The Jasri collection is an alluring combination of vintage, florals and traditional crochet motifs on our signature Brazilian cut bikinis and our effortless elegance resort and beach wear. 

The Jasri Collection was shot on 35mm film by @reopfilm

MUSE @alexalourdy CMM

Model wears XS throughout. 

All Akoiaswim products are hand made by woman artisans in the mountains of Bali with the utmost respect to their traditional culture and the environment.